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We are Austin Criminal Defense and DWI Lawyers dedicated to representing individuals against the state and federal government, and all incidental matters.

If you have been arrested, have an active warrant, or even if you have just been contacted by the police and don't know what to do, call our office now to see how we can help.

We can also often arrange Austin jail release if you have a friend or loved one in police custody.

Get Your Austin DWI Case Dismissed

When you’ve been arrested for DWI in the Austin or Williamson County area, you need Tillman Braniff, PLLC on your side. People often mistakenly think that blowing too high on a breathalyzer or failing a blood test or field sobriety test means accepting a DWI conviction and the penalties that come with it.

The truth is that you can challenge a DWI in court and win. With an Austin DWI lawyer from our firm on your side, you’ll have the best drunk driving defense available.

  • If the officer didn’t have probable cause to pull you over, we’ll prove it.
  • If there was an error in how the breath or sobriety test was administered, we’ll find it.
  • If your rights were violated, we can move to have the evidence dismissed.

Beat Your DWI, Protect Your Future

A conviction is not automatic, but getting a DWI dismissed or reduced isn’t simple, either. By working with an experienced lawyer, you’ll be able to identify the weak point in the case against you and build a compelling argument against it.

Our DWI attorneys can help you beat your driving while intoxicated charge. You might not have to deal with the fines, insurance hikes, license suspension, jail time, and lost reputation that come with a conviction.

Protect your rights, and protect your future. A DWI is not a traffic ticket—it’s a criminal offense and must be taken seriously. An Austin DWI lawyer from our firm will have the experience, dedication, knowledge, and commitment that you need on your side to successfully challenge your charge.

“Every client is different, and each receives the level of attention they prefer. As well, every client's crisis is as big a crisis to them as another's truly serious situation. A college student's pot case can be imposing to them, it's all a matter of seeing it through their eyes. ”

- Brian Tillman

“Our goal is to put you back in the position you were before the arrest, with dismissal of charges, while preserving the right to expunge your record. We have an established record of trials, and value communication with clients above all else.”

- Rhett Braniff

Experienced, Compassionate and Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyers in Austin

Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers

It is usually a difficult time in a person’s life when he or she comes to us for criminal defense advice and representation. Filled with stress, anxiety, confusion, and concern for what the future holds, many people feel like there is no way out and are overwhelmed by what they’re going through.

The Austin criminal defense lawyers of Tillman Braniff, PLLC are here to get you through this difficult time, whether you reside in Travis County or Williamson County. You can rest assured that we’ll take your case every bit as seriously as you do and do everything we can to get your life back on track.

If you have been arrested or accused of a crime, we will walk you through your rights as a citizen and explain the criminal justice process as it relates to your case. Legal issues are always unique and complex, and our job is to fight hard for the best possible outcome for your case.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Committed to Helping You

An Austin criminal defense lawyer from our firm will be dedicated to helping you get your charges reduced or dismissed. Fighting aggressively on your behalf, we will thoroughly investigate your case and prepare convincing defense strategies and arguments.

Our investigative process includes questioning witnesses, searching for new testimony, examining the crime scene, and exploring all available evidence to understand the scope of your situation in detail. It’s our priority to make certain that your best interests are covered.

Our finest supporters are our current and former clients. Read our testimonials and check out our reviews. Our clients will attest to the fact that we work tirelessly on their behalf, doing our best to get their lives back to the way they were before their legal issues came about.

We Are Ready to Fight for Your Future

We are passionate and committed to defending the rights and freedom of our clients. From DWI cases to assault, we are ready to take on even the most difficult cases, and we’ll do everything in our power to protect your future, your freedom, and your livelihood.

A free, no-obligation consultation is just a phone call away. Call us today at 512-236-0505 or contact us online by completing the form on this page. Our compassionate Austin criminal defense lawyers will evaluate your case and help you understand your legal options so that you can feel confident about your future.

Criminal Defense Is Our Sole Focus

With experience on both sides of the courtroom, an Austin criminal defense lawyer from our office will know the strategies and tactics commonly employed by prosecutors.

We know the ins and outs of courtroom proceedings and how the prosecuting side works. We apply 100 percent of our experience to each and every case we handle. Our firm focuses exclusively on criminal defense, so you can trust us to handle even the most challenging and complex cases.

These are just a few of the charges a criminal defense lawyer from our office can help you with:

“Brian Tillman, Life Changing Attorney-at-Law Brian helped me get my life back after a serious allegation against me proved to be false. By providing accurate, honest, and open communication with me throughout the entire process, I was able to walk away from the legal proceedings without fines or fees, any charges or any damage to my future plans. I am forever grateful to Brian for his services, and I highly recommend him. ”

— JT

“I was charged with a false DWI. After Brian heard my situation and viewed the DPS video, he assured me that the case was on my side. His assurance took a huge weight off my shoulders. At the end, thanks to Brian's knowledge and diligence, my case was dismissed. I highly recommend Brian's services.”

— Richard R


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