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Can a Lawyer Find Out if You Have a Warrant?

Sometimes, people aren’t sure whether they have a warrant out for their arrest. You might have been arrested, booked, and released on a charge, and then you never heard anything about the case again. It’s also possible that you meant to pay a fine, but your payment got lost in the mail and a warrant was issued for your arrest.

Many situations could lead to a warrant being issued for you without you knowing. If you’re wondering whether a lawyer can find out if there’s a warrant with your name on it, the answer is most likely yes.

Lawyers have access to databases and can conduct searches to check for warrants. Your attorney can also contact the court to check for warrants on your behalf, assist you in arranging self-surrenders or walk-throughs, and negotiate a lower bail amount.

If you do, in fact, have a warrant, consider working with a criminal defense attorney at our firm.

Common Myths About Warrants

The following are some common myths about warrants in Texas:

  • My Warrant Is Expired by Now – Warrants don’t expire, so even if you had a warrant issued twenty years ago, chances are it’s still somewhere in the system.
  • I Can’t Be Arrested in This County – Most warrants are issued statewide at minimum. If you had a warrant issued in another Texas county, you can still be arrested, regardless of your current location.
  • If I Turn Myself In, They Will Let Me Out the Same Day – It’s possible that you could be released the same day after turning yourself in, but you don’t want to risk it without speaking with an attorney first.

Your Texas criminal attorney can negotiate a self-surrender for you, help set your bail prior to your surrender, and give you a good chance of being released.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

If you are unsure whether you have a warrant out for your arrest, contact an attorney who will not only check for warrants on your behalf but help you negotiate a way to take care of your warrant with minimum impact on your life.

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