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There were 59,386 first-time offenders entered into the Texas prison systems in 2014 alone. If you are lucky, being charged with a crime for the first time is merely upsetting, embarrassing, and inconvenient. If you are unlucky, it can mean the loss of your career, home, and even your family.

That is only the beginning in a cascading series of events affected by a first time offense, however. A criminal record, no matter how minor, can contribute to fewer job offers, less pay, fewer choices in housing and schooling, and even how much a bank will loan you. Whether you want to start a business, buy a car, or work at a decent job, the stigma that follows you from a first offense is detrimental—but possibly avoidable if you contact an Austin first time offender lawyer from Tillman Braniff, PLLC.


First Offense, Forever Consequences

If your first offense is not handled properly, even if only a misdemeanor, you could face increasingly heavier sentencing for future transgressions. You may also lose custody of your children, foster children, and ability to adopt in the future. Depending on your offense, you could even be branded a registered sex offender.

If you are an immigrant, the consequences can be life shattering, as you could lose your immigration status and face deportation. Deportation involving you—but not the rest of your family—can be emotional to say the least.

Not only could being convicted of a first offense result in lost job opportunities, but it can also preclude you from earning professional licenses or receiving federal and state assistance for your family. All of these economic problems can be further compounded by the loss of your drivers license. You could even lose your Second Amendment right to possess firearms.


What Can You Do?

Modern approaches to first time offenders are becoming increasingly focused on discouraging repeat offenses. You may be able to avoid conviction or harsh punishment by taking part in a program designed to keep you out of the criminal justice system over the long term.

As a first time offender, you have a chance for receiving reduced or lenient sentencing if your lawyer plays the right cards. Your charges could even be thrown out due to technicalities or police mishandling of your interrogation or the evidence. This can be incredibly difficult to do on your own, which is why our attorneys are available to help you through the legal process.

If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, your best option is a strong defense developed by an Austin first time offender lawyer from our local firm. We can help you understand the possible consequences you face and help you fight your charges in court.


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No matter how difficult you think your first time offense will be to challenge, it is within your best interests to fight as hard as you can for your future. With a solid plan for your defense, you can save far more than just your reputation.

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