“Every client is different, and each receives the level of attention they prefer. As well, every client’s crisis is as big a crisis to them as another’s truly serious situation. A college student’s pot case can be imposing to them, it’s all a matter of seeing it through their eyes. ”

– Brian Tillman

“Our goal is to put you back in the position you were before the arrest, with dismissal of charges, while preserving the right to expunge your record. We have an established record of trials, and value communication with clients above all else.”

– Rhett Braniff


“Brian Tillman, Life Changing Attorney-at-Law Brian helped me get my life back after a serious allegation against me proved to be false. By providing accurate, honest, and open communication with me throughout the entire process, I was able to walk away from the legal proceedings without fines or fees, any charges or any damage to my future plans. I am forever grateful to Brian for his services, and I highly recommend him. ”

— JT

“I was charged with a false DWI. After Brian heard my situation and viewed the DPS video, he assured me that the case was on my side. His assurance took a huge weight off my shoulders. At the end, thanks to Brian’s knowledge and diligence, my case was dismissed. I highly recommend Brian’s services.”

— Richard R