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If you’ve been charged with selling drugs, you can’t take chances with your defense. Find out what your next step needs to be by speaking with an Austin drug distribution lawyer.

Texas takes its law enforcement seriously, and anyone accused of a crime can expect a tough battle from the prosecution. This is especially true when it comes to drug crimes and anything related to controlled substances.

The penalties for selling drugs are especially harsh and depend on a variety of factors. You could easily be facing prison time and some very high fines. And let’s not forget the damages to your personal and professional reputations.

The good news is that a charge for drug distribution doesn’t necessarily have to end in a conviction. After your arrest, speak with an Austin drug distribution lawyer from Tillman Braniff, PLLC. A lawyer from our defense firm can help you understand the drug crime you’ve been charged with and determine what defense to employ.


Understanding Drug Distribution Laws in Texas

According to Texas law, drug distribution is the act of transporting, importing, or selling controlled substances. Controlled substances include illegal drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana, but they also include prescription drugs.

It's worth noting that even if you are accused of possessing a controlled substance, you could still be charged with distribution if the arresting officers believe that you intended to sell them.


Legal Penalties for Illegally Selling Controlled Substances

Even selling the smallest quantity of illegal drugs could mean big fines and imprisonment. The exact consequences for a drug-selling conviction depend upon several factors:

  • Type and amount of the controlled substance involved
  • Where you were arrested (if you were accused of selling drugs near a school, the penalties are harsher)
  • Your criminal history

While the specific penalties vary based on the above factors, the minimum punishment for drug distribution is a jail sentence of 180 days. The maximum penalties could be as much as $250,000 in fines and as long as ninety-nine years in prison.


Defending Against a Drug Distribution Charge

The defense employed by your Austin drug distribution lawyer will depend heavily on the circumstances of your arrest. In some cases, it’s possible to prove that the drugs in question didn’t belong to you; the officers simply made a bad call.

In other cases, there might be a problem with how the police discovered the drugs. If you were the victim of an illegal search and seizure, then the drugs might be inadmissible as evidence. If there isn’t any valid evidence, then the prosecution is going to have a difficult time proving your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

In even the worst-case scenarios, it might still be possible to get your distribution charge reduced to a possession charge.


Talk to an Austin Drug Selling Lawyer

A conviction for a drug-related offense will carry extremely harsh penalties. Even worse is the reputable damage these charges can do, leaving you dealing with negative consequences long after your sentence has been served.

You do have options, however. To get started on your defense, schedule a free and confidential consultation with an Austin drug distribution lawyer from Tillman Braniff, PLLC. Simply complete the form below or call our office at 512-236-0505.


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