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When you ask the question, "who needs the services of a criminal defense attorney," most people do not think of their own friends, neighbors, or family. The reality, however, is that it is not uncommon to know one or more persons in your immediate circle who has needed, or will at some point need the representation of a criminal defense attorney. Ordinary, everyday people can get caught up in the criminal justice system, sometimes without knowing that they are breaking any laws, or even intending to. Charges can be the result of reckless behavior, or simply poor judgment brought on by intoxication, jealousy, or other factors.

Austin Criminal Defense Attorneys handle a wide spectrum of real-life scenarios that happen to regular people just like the ones you know. It is not surprising to learn that a friend or neighbor once had a hot-check case, driving with a suspended license, DWI, or maybe pot possession. Trouble happens to regular folks. Teachers, engineers, plumbers, students... nobody is immune to acting irrationally, maybe partying a little too hard, or using poor judgment from time to time. Occasionally, those things can get you arrested. That's when you should start looking at Austin Criminal Defense Attorneys.

At Tillman Braniff, PLLC, we are Austin Criminal Defense Attorneys who defend individuals in every type of felony or misdemeanor case.  We strive to show the case through the eyes of the Defendant to achieve the best possible result for each individual client. We can often provide jail release or at least provide assistance outside of Travis County. In addition to criminal cases, we also do Expunctions, Motions for Non-Disclosure, Probation Revocations and Early Discharges. We can also help if you have a pending warrant that needs attention. Below are a few of our most common types of cases:


Driving While Intoxicated, Boating While Intoxicated, Driving Under the Influence

This is one of the most common, if not the most common, case that a criminal defense attorney will find themselves involved in. It is not that hard to find yourself in court facing charges of driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated. The legal blood alcohol limit is .08, which means anytime yours is above this and you are driving, you could be charged with a DWI. What does this translate to for the normal person? Typically, it is just a few beers or glasses of wine, which means that virtually everyone you know has done this at some point. In a breath or blood test case, how you feel, or whether you look or feel impaired has very little to do with the outcome. The prosecutor will merely try to prove that you were breaking the law by showing that you were operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol level that is higher than the legal limit of .08. If your alcohol content is higher than .15, the potential penalties double regardless of whether you have any prior offenses. DWI cases are never simple to resolve, and you should always have a criminal defense attorney to make sure that your case is diligently and professionally handled.

Drug Crimes

Possession of Marijuana, Cocaine, Possession of Controlled Substance (Ecstasy, Meth, Xanax, Oxycontin, Mushrooms), Growing Operations, Distribution of Marijuana or Cocaine

Prosecution of these case have exploded since the launch of the war on drugs. Possession of small amounts of marijuana can result in drug charges, being pulled over for a speeding ticket and the officer finding paraphernalia can result in a drug charge, even having prescription medication without having the prescription can result in a controlled substance change that will require the services of a criminal defense attorney. While some states such as Colorado, Washington, and Oregon have decriminalized marijuana, law enforcement in other states (Texas included) still fully prosecute cases of possession, regardless of whether the drugs were purchased legally elsewhere or if intended for personal or medical use. All prescription drugs that you possess without a presciption can get you arrested. And even a small amount of recreational, or party drugs, can result in serious felony charges. If you choose to engage in personal use, then having a criminal defense attorney at your back is a wise choice. Early involvement is the best defense to potentially serious consequences.

Theft Crimes

Theft by Check, Shoplifting, Theft, Robbery, Credit Card Abuse

Stealing is a crime. Everybody knows that, and yet far too often people can find themselves prosecuted for taking money or property without permission or ownership. Shoplifting is a common occurrence, and stores like HEB, WalMart, Target, and Home Depot aggressively detain and charge shoppers who meander past the last point of sale without paying. We have also represented many people on hot check charges that sat for years, only to discover a warrant they never knew about. These types of cases are referred to as "moral turpitude crimes" which means they have to do with dishonesty or deceit.  Obtaining the services of a criminal defense attorney for even simple theft charges is crucial, because few employers want to hire a candidate with a theft conviction. Also, regardless of the size of the theft, repeat offenders can face serious jail time, so it is best to get an attorney involved as early as possible.

Violent Crimes

Assault, Aggravated Assault, Murder, Burglary

In these types of cases, most people immediately realize the need for a criminal defense attorney. Violent crimes can include family violence, assault, battery, murder, and burglary. While it may be hard to imagine being in a violent situation, assault charges are surprisingly common. Heated discussions can easily get out of hand, and extra factors such as intoxication or jealousy can lead to injury, and criminal charges. Causing another individual physical pain is often enough to sustain an arrest with nothing more. People with assault convictions are often deemed violent or confrontational, and can have a difficult time finding employment or a decent apartment to rent. Because of the negative implications of these cases, having a criminal defense attorney to work on your case is crucial.

Assault- Family Violence

Assault on a family member, spouse, relative, boyfriend/girlfriend, or even a past or present roommate.

Sex Crimes

Rape, Sexual Assault, Prostitution, Indecent Exposure, Indecency with a Child, Possession of Child Pornography

White Collar Crimes

Embezzlement, Bribery, Bank Fraud, Welfare Fraud, Fraudulent Use of ID, Insurance Fraud, Money Laundering

White collar crimes are ones that involve fraud, embezzlement, use of a fake ID, identity theft, and others. These are often carefully plotted crimes that you may never suspect somebody of committing. Everything from insurance fraud to money laundering fall under the auspices of white collar crimes, and are most often prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Accused of a white collar crime? You need a criminal defense attorney immediately because these are serious charges that could end up carrying significant amounts of jail time.


Probation Revocation, Motion for Early Termination, Motion to Modify Probation


Parole Review, Parole Revocation Hearing, Parole Packet


We can check for warrants in Travis County and advise you on the best way to proceed in clearing them. Personal Bond, Cash Deposit Bond, Walk-Through, Voluntary Surrender, Bond Forfeiture.

Jail Release

24 Hour Service. We are happy to assist in getting your friend or loved one out of Travis County Jail. Austin Criminal Defense Attorneys can often arrange for Personal Bonds when the person doesn't qualify on their own, or arrange a "cash deposit bond" in other instances. It is not always possible to get someone released from jail quickly, or at all. We prefer to have our clients on the outside and make every effort to make that happen.

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People make mistakes. From driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol to violating their parole or ignoring a warrant that can be issued for having too many parking tickets. All of these are everyday events that can cause you, your friends, neighbors, or family to need the services of Austin criminal defense attorneys.  When you do, we are here to help. To get started, contact Tillman Braniff at (512) 236-0505 or contact us HERE.


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