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It’s Official- No Refusal for Austin Mardi Gras 2012

Posted by Brian Tillman on 17 February 2012

I KNEW it!! Here they come again with their shiny needles, the better to stick you with! Well, I can’t say it’s any surprise. I mean, APD does so many no refusal weekends (or blood warrants, as others say) that it’s like keeping up with your relatives’ birthdays. Let’s see, New Year’s, Super Bowl weekend, so now Mardi Gras. Interesting that Valentine’s Day is still sacred, I suppose they don’t expect a lot of people driving around drunk. So drink up, lonely people, you own Valentine’s!

In all seriousness, it goes without saying that it is Never a good idea to drive after drinking. If you need proof, try playing a driving video game after having a few, grab the kids’ MarioKart and go to town. It’s rough. Better yet, try playing one of the games where things are trying to kill you. But play it after drinking a couple of rounds and what happens? You get killed a lot. It’s because alcohol turns you into an ox. And that’s why you shouldn’t be in control of a large metal object on wheels in public unless you really know what’s going on. Especially since Austin arrests more DWI’s per capita than any other major Texas city. A lot more.

Speaking of what’s going on, this no refusal Mardi Gras Austin is of the extended variety, because Mardi Gras is an extended party that can’t be contained by the weekend alone. So APD will be brandishing needles out till Fat Tuesday! So lets keep our shirts on, shall we? Beads or not. Because if you get stopeed for DWI in Austin, you will be on video with your silly feathers and face paint, and that’s the insult added to the injury of that needle sticking you in the arm.

Just so we’re clear, if you are out partying and get stopped, refuse, refuse, refuse! And don’t let them coerce you into compliance with “well, if you don’t submit, then we’ll just get a warrant to draw blood…” That’s an effort to get you to say “well, in that case…” It’s coercion with beads on, don’t be fooled. Make it clear that you do not agree to give a sample, and get it on the record. If you submit, then it’s evidence. If you refuse, then I still have something to fight about on your behalf, and may be able to get it thrown out. There’s a reason things like roadblocks and routine blood draws haven’t been passed by the legislature, it’s because the general public doesn’t really like them. It’s not to say that it’s not for a worthy purpose, but there has to be a line somewhere, and for many it’s a needle. Anyway, based on past no-refusal events, more than 20 people will get it this extended weekend. If one of them happens to be you or a friend, we’re happy to help out. Just give us a call, 512 472-6565.

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