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DWI Enforcement Up During the Holidays

Holidays are wonderful because we get to spend time with the ones we love. Unfortunately, this also means that some might get a bit carried away in the celebration.

While consuming alcoholic beverages is not a crime, many laws govern responsible drinking to prevent others from being harmed. Law enforcement is usually out in force looking for impaired drivers during the holiday season, especially on the days leading up to and on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

How to Celebrate the Holidays Safely

There are many ways in which you can safely partake of a seasonal pumpkin brew or a festive night out with friends—ugly Christmas sweater included. The key is to plan ahead when you know you will be consuming alcohol away from your own home:

  • Don’t leave the house without budgeting in the cost of a ridesharing service, such as Uber, Lyft, or a taxi service.
  • If you can’t afford the cost of a taxi or ridesharing service, be sure to appoint a designated driver before you ever leave home.
  • You’d be surprised how many people would be more than happy to let you crash on their sofa. It’s the season of giving, and people are usually in a very sharing mood.

Other Driving Dangers During the Holiday Season

Even if you haven’t been drinking, there are other dangers out there on the road—like drivers who haven’t read this blog post. Be sure to eliminate distractions while driving so you can avoid those dangers:

  • Don’t text, tweet, post, share, or scroll while you are driving.
  • Save the holiday cookies for once you’ve safely arrived at home—don’t attempt to enjoy them while your hands should be on the steering wheel. We know they’re tempting, but they can wait.
  • Take it easy in bad weather conditions and in construction areas.
  • Buckle up—even when it’s a short ride. It’s just not worth the risk.
  • Holiday social events are exhausting. If you’re too tired to drive, let someone else do it.

Too Late—I’ve Been Charged with a DWI

Sometimes, life happens, but no matter what the circumstances surround your DWI charge, a criminal defense attorney with our firm can help. Not every DWI charge leads to a conviction, and that’s because of the defenses an attorney can use to fight for you.

We can challenge the traffic stop, we can prove that you weren’t impaired, or we can challenge the sobriety tests you were given during your stop. In many cases, we can get charges reduced or dropped entirely so your DWI won’t take all the jolly out of your holiday season.

Contact a DWI Attorney

If you’ve been arrested for a DWI, don’t put away your Santa suit quite yet. There are defenses against DWI convictions, and an attorney from Tillman Braniff, PLLC will know just how to fight for you.

Don’t make the mistake of taking the first deal that comes your way. A DWI can affect your driving history, your criminal history, and your freedom. We offer a free consultation when you call us at 512-472-6565 or complete our form below.

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