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Austin Police Release Bar Rankings for 2010 DWI Arrests

Posted by Brian Tillman on 4 January 2011

Austin DWI Bars for 2010

In keeping with tradition, the Austin Police Department released its annual ranking list of bars where DWI arrestees had their last drink. During the course of a DWI investigation, Austin police officers will typically ask a suspect where they had drinks, and where and when their last drink occurred. This list contains information gathered from DWI arrests made by Austin police during the year 2010 in Austin, Texas.

Austin DWI Danger Zones?

The list below shows the Austin bars listed from most DWI arrests to least, their address, and the number of DWI arrestees from each. Not surprisingly, many of the usual suspects are on the list, although you could also interpret that to mean they are just some of Austin’s busiest bars. Comparison to last year’s APD DWI Bar Rankings shows many of the same businesses as this year, or maybe more accurately, the same regions. The top 4 bars (The Ranch, J Black’s, Molotov, and Key Bar) are all neighbors on West 6th. The 4th Street district is well-represented, as is Dirty 6th. If you get in trouble at one of these bars contact one of our Austin DWI lawyers for counciltation.

Observations about APD’s DWI Bar Spotlight

Interestingly, you could also argue those bars would be the best place to try to find some late night action, or at least lots of people drinking and doing that. t’s worth chewing on that some other bars from the same “hot” areas are NOT on this list. Although they’re in the West 6th pocket, neither Star Bar or Little Woodrow’s produced enough DWI suspects to make the list. Neither did 4th Street area bars like Lavaca St. Bar or Ginger Man. And excluding Maggie Mae’s, no Austin live music venues made the DWI list, not Mean-Eyed Cat, or Antone’s, Emo’s, or Continental Club, or even any of the Strip Clubs. Nothing from the ’04 or South Congress. Not really sure what to make of it all, come to your own conclusions and proceed wisely. Here’s the list:

Bar Name/Address/# of DWI suspects

J. Black’s, 710 W. 6th St., 29

Molotov, 719 W. 6th St., 26

The Ranch, 708 W. 6th St., 23

Key Bar, 617 W. 6th St., 21

Shakespeare’s, 314 E. 6th St., 20

Dallas Night Club, 7113 Burnet Rd., 20

Rain, 217-B W. 4th St., 19

Sherlock’s Baker St., 9012 Research Blvd., 17

Cedar Street, 208 W. 4th St., 17

Oilcan Harry’s, 211 W. 4th St., 16

Union Park, 612 W. 6th St., 15

Maggie Mae’s, 323 E. 6th St., 15

Kung Fu Saloon, 510 Rio Grande, 15

Lucky Lounge, 209 W. 5th St., 13

Pure, 419 E. 6th St., 12

Blind Pig Pub, 317 E. 6th St., 12

Barcelona, 209 E. 6th St., 11

Aquarium, 403 E. 6th St., 11

Dirty Bills, 511 Rio Grande, 11

Kiss & Fly, 404 Colorado, 10

219 West, 219 W. 4th St., 10

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