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Austin Bars with most DWI arrests 2011

I got a phone call from an out-of-Stater last week about our old blog post- the Austin Bar DWI  list from 2010.  While talking, I realized that we had neglected to post (or see, lol) the list from 2011.  Not that there’s that much difference, but we do have an appearance from Antone’s as well as the Yellow Rose.  As before, it has more to do with the area and time you’re driving than any other factor.  If you’re driving home from happy hour at the Dog & Duck Pub at 5 p.m., you’re a lot less likely to get arrested than leaving Oilcan’s at 3 a.m.  Here’s the top 20 Austin DWI arrest bars for 2011, according to Fox Austin


  • Kung Fu Saloon
  • J Black’s
  • Rain
  • The Ranch
  • Molotov
  • Thirsty Nickel
  • Oilcan Harry’s
  • Sherlock’s Baker St
  • Blind Pig Pub
  • Key Bar
  • Shakespeares
  • The Yellow Rose
  • Kiss & Fly
  • Antones
  • Cedar Street
  • Dizzy Rooster
  • Dogwood
  • Third Base
  • Weirdos
  • 512 Bar; Barbarella; Barcelona; Chuggin Monkey; Jackalope; La Preferida; Lavaca Street Bar; Parish (these bars tied for #20)


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Keep in mind that in Austin, getting stopped late at night after a few drinks gives you a pretty good chance of going to jail, no matter what bar you’re coming from. Driving after responsible drinking is not against the law, but it won’t keep the police from pulling a potentially dangerous driver off the road. Let’s be safe out there. But if you do catch yourself in a situation where you need an Austin jail release be dure to have our number handy 512.472.6565.

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