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Austin Bars in APD’s DWI Spotlight

Posted by Brian Tillman on 15 August 2010

I’ll admit that the referring article here is a bit old (January)- but since it’s a list for 2009 and the 2010 list is not out yet, I feel safe that it’s relevant. Of course, some of the bars at the top have likely shifted, as the hierarchy of the hippest newest club develops. Not to say that there aren’t plenty of old Austin stalwarts on the list, even places I (ahem) may have frequented back in the day…

Anyway, Austin’s police department often asks people they stop for DWI where the last drink they consumed was. This list is the amount of DWI arrestees by the last bar that served them. Not a good list to be on, BUT you can easily tell that there is an area of town where most of the arrests are taking place. All of them, except for the Yellow Rose, are near downtown. THIS SHOULD TELL YOU SOMETHING!! Do not try to drive out of downtown if you have been drinking. Be aware that your exit route out of downtown is predictable (I-35? MoPac? 183?) and you can expect police to be watching those routes for drunk drivers. Or cars with their headlights off, or a taillight out, or an expired inspection sticker, or, most popular, SPEEDING!

In any event, I like many of the places on the list, there’s more to it than it appears. Just think about taking a cab. The number at the right represents the number of people arrested coming from that particular bar.

  1. J. Blacks, 710 W. Sixth Street, 27
  2. The Ranch, 708 W. Sixth Street, 22
  3. Rain, 217 W. Fourth Street, 17
  4. Maggie Mae’s, 323 E. Sixth Street, 16
  5. Blind Pig, 317 E. Sixth Street, 16
  6. Oilcan Harry’s, 211 W. Fourth Street, 15
  7. Fado, 214 W. Fourth Street, 15
  8. Pure, 419 E. Sixth Street, 13
  9. Cedar Street, 208 W. Fourth Street, 13
  10. Union Park, 612 W. Sixth Street, 12
  11. Fuel Nightclub, 607 Trinity St., 12
  12. Lavaca Street Bar, 405 Lavaca St., 12
  13. Key Bar, 617 W. Sixth St., 12
  14. Jackalope, 404 E. Sixth St., 12
  15. Sherlock’s, 9012 Research Boulevard, 11
  16. Shakespeare’s, 314 E. Sixth St., 11
  17. Antones, 213 W. Fifth St., 11
  18. Gingerman, 304 W. Fourth St., 10
  19. Lucky Lounge, 209 W. Fifth St., 10
  20. Dizzy Rooster, 306 E. Sixth, 10
  21. The Yellow Rose, 6528 N. Lamar Blvd., 10
  22. Charlie’s, 1301 Lavaca St., 10
  23. Groove, 101 W. Fifth St., 10
  24. Ace’s Lounge, 222 E. Sixth St., 9
  25. Red Fez, 209 W. Fifth St., 9
  26. Molotov, 719 W. Sixth St., 8
  27. Qua, 213 W. Fourth St., 8
  28. 219 West, 219 W. Fourth St., 8
  29. Six, 117 W. Fourth St., 8
  30. Speakeasy, 412D Congress Ave., 8
  31. Stubb’s, 801 Red River, 8
  32. Little Woodrow’s, 520 W. Sixth St., 8
  33. Eddie V’s, 301 E. Fifth St., 8
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