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getting arrested in austin because of a warrant

Arrest Warrants in Austin

Arrest warrants in Austin come from a number of different sources but the result is always the same- an unexpected trip to jail. Warrants often come from traffic tickets that were ignored, failing to show up at court, probation violations, or new misdemeanor or felony charges. We can help you get your warrant lifted.

First Step to Clearing an Austin Warrant

The first hurdle to clear an arrest warrant is to know exactly where it came from. Your lawyer will need to know your birthdate and driver’s license number at a minimum, as well as a description of where you think it may be from. Finding warrants on your own can be tricky and not all that reliable.

We will be able to search for your warrant in Austin whether it’s from a ticket or a forgotten charge and begin helping you get it released.

Do I Need a Bail Bond?

In Travis County the answer is often no. An attorney in Austin can frequently navigate the process to get the arrest warrant in Austin removed without paying a bail bond. Ticket courts may require some payment or attorney appearance to recall a warrant. Misdemeanor or Felony warrants require the attorney to contact the judge and pretrial services for removal and placement on the docket.

What if I Had a Bond Forfeiture?

A bond forfeiture happens when you fail to show up at court as promised. The court cannot proceed with your case, so they issue a warrant to bring you to court. As well, a failure to appear violates your bond agreement so the judge revokes (“forfeits”) your bond and the county can pursue the money amount via a civil suit.

Warrants issued from bond forfeitures almost always say “Cash or Surety” which means only a full cash payment or a bail bond will be accepted. In many cases however, an Austin warrant lawyer can convince the judge to remove the warrant by quickly clearing up or settling the prior civil suit. These can still sometimes require a “walk-through” or voluntary turn in with a bond granted, but often judges will simply put the case back on the docket.

What About Probation Warrants?

Probation violations in Travis County almost always result in an arrest warrant being issued. Probation arrest warrants can be issued with or without a specific bond amount attached to them.

In instances where no bond is set, a bondsman cannot help clear the warrant, but an Austin warrant lawyer can help. We contact the judge of the court directly and ask them to set a bond amount and grant a personal bond on your behalf.

Your probation status up to the violation is crucially important in these scenarios. If you have been on good terms with probation up to that point, your lawyer can potentially convince the court to convert the warrant to a summons (request to appear) that eliminates the need for bond and/or voluntary turn in altogether.

Call Our Austin Warrant Lawyers for Help

Few things are as satisfying as removing an arrest warrant from your concerns. As confusing as the process may be, having our Austin warrant lawyers on your side can relieve all the pressure and allow you to live without anxiety of being taken to jail. If you have a warrant out there, or even if you aren’t sure, call us to check your status. We are happy to help restore your peace of mind!

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