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If your charges were dismissed, you might be able to get the record of your arrest expunged completely. Find out how to proceed by consulting with a Williamson County expunction lawyer.

While a criminal record can permanently hurt the course of your life, even just getting charged with a crime can hurt your future. While unfair, dismissed charges still leave a record that could cost you a future employment or housing opportunity.

The good news is that if your case meets the necessary criteria, you might qualify for an expungement of the record in question. As far as your history goes, it will be as though you were never charged in the first place, allowing you to move forward with your life free of baggage.

Expunction is a complicated process, however, and it’s easy to get something wrong or overlook an important step. By working with a Williamson County expunction lawyer from Tillman Braniff, PLLC, you can get the expungement you need without the accompanying headaches.

Do I Qualify for an Expunction?

Certain criteria must be met before an expunction of an arrest record will be granted. For one, you cannot have been convicted of the charge in question. If you were, expunction is simply not an option.

If you were granted deferred adjudication probation, you also will not be eligible for expunction. However, you might qualify for a Motion for Non-Disclosure, which your Williamson County expunction lawyer can also help you with.

You can also be barred from receiving an expunction if you were previously convicted of kidnapping, certain sex offenses, and certain domestic violence offenses.

Why Do I Need an Attorney for an Arrest Expunction?

The process of applying for and receiving a record expunction is neither simple nor straightforward. The process involves a tremendous amount of paperwork, and a court appearance might also be necessary.

By working with a Williamson County expunction lawyer from our firm, you won’t have to deal with this. Not only will we be able to evaluate your case and tell you whether you qualify—potentially saving you immense amounts of time and effort—but we can also handle all of the paperwork on your behalf. We can even appear in court for you, making it so that you don’t have to interrupt your work and private life to receive the expungement you need.

Connect with a Williamson County Expungement Lawyer

The expunction process is needlessly complicated, but the legal system is what it is. Tillman Braniff, PLLC can save you the hardship and the headache of wading through the process on your own. We know how important it is to get the record of your arrest removed from the public record—and since you weren’t convicted, you obviously deserve to have this done.

We take your future as seriously as our own. When you need an arrest record expunged, we can help. Schedule a free and confidential case evaluation with a Williamson County expunction lawyer today, and find out what your options are and how to proceed. Just complete the contact form below or give us a call at 512-473-8745.


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