How Long Will a DWI Conviction Stay on My Record in Austin?

A conviction for driving while intoxicated (DWI) in Austin will have enduring consequences, altering many aspects of your life. A criminal record can influence your family, employment, future, and freedom. There are also civil repercussions restricting your driving privileges and financial detriments due to surcharges and fines.

If you are facing charges for DWI in Austin, you may be asking yourself, “How long will a DWI conviction stay on my record in Austin?” In the state of Texas, DWI convictions are permanent and will be on your record indefinitely.

It is important to keep in mind that being arrested or charged with DWI does not automatically mean you are guilty. It is crucial for you to fight the charges as it may be possible to have them either reduced or dismissed entirely. Tillman Braniff has extensive experience fighting against alcohol charges on behalf of our clients. If your DWI charge can be reduced or overturned, we’ll help you find a way to do it.


If My DWI Case Is Dismissed, Is My Record Clean?

Many people in Austin believe that if their case is dismissed, their DWI offense no longer exists on their record. Unfortunately, getting the case dismissed does not erase the offense from a person’s criminal history.

In Austin, you can have a DWI charge on your criminal record eliminated only under certain circumstances. The only way to erase your DWI offense is through a process called expunction.

Expunction is when the record of the offense is eliminated from your criminal record. In order to get an expunction, your case must first be dismissed. If you pleaded guilty or are convicted of DWI in Austin, you are not eligible for an expunction of a DWI conviction on your record.


Can My Lawyer Get My DWI Record Expunged?

The details and circumstances surrounding every DWI case are different. Determining if it is legally possible to get an expunction is a challenging process related to the facts of each particular case. Depending upon your case disposition, or outcome, an experienced DWI attorney from our office can review your case and determine if it is possible for the court to grant an expunction.

The DWI laws in Texas make it complicated to get an expunction in Austin. The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure (Title 1, Chapter 55) will allow for an expunction of criminal records only under certain situations. Hiring one of our experienced and knowledgeable DWI lawyers can help you get an expunction.

In Austin, a DWI expunction may be granted under these circumstances:

  • An arrest for a crime that was never charged
  • A criminal charge that was ultimately dismissed
  • Arrest, charge, or conviction on a person’s record due to identity theft by another individual whom was actually arrested, charged, or convicted of the crime
  • Convicted for a crime that was later acquitted by the trial court or the Criminal Court of Appeals
  • Convicted for a crime that was later pardoned by the Governor of Texas or the United States President


The Law Firm of Tillman Braniff Can Help You with Your DWI Charges

If you have been charged with DWI in Austin, the experienced attorneys of Tillman Braniff will dedicate themselves to helping your case by either reducing the consequences you are facing or by having the charges against you dismissed.

The law firm of Tillman Braniff is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and has the resources to investigate and fight charges against you. Call 512-236-0505 to speak to an attorney committed to defending your rights, or complete the form at the bottom of this page to schedule a free consultation.


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