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DWI arrests can ruin your employment opportunities. Contact an experienced Austin DWI attorney to help get your record sealed or expunged.

A charge of driving while intoxicated (DWI) has a way of impacting your life even if you weren’t convicted. The charge may remain on your record, possibly causing employers to look elsewhere. When your charge continues to affect your quality of life, it’s time to get it removed.

There are two ways to improve your criminal record: expunging, which means a charge is completely removed, and sealing your record (also known as an order of nondisclosure), which removes your record from public view and will keep most employers from viewing the charge.

Contact an Austin DWI record sealing lawyer with Tillman Braniff, PLLC to help you improve your life by removing or sealing a charge that’s been bringing you down. We can take a look at your case during your case evaluation to see whether you’re eligible for either expunction or a nondisclosure order.

DWI Nondisclosure Orders vs. Expunction

Many people are confused about the difference between expunction and nondisclosure orders (sealing of records), but there are distinct differences:

  • An expunction, or expunging your record, means the charge is completely removed. You must meet certain qualifications for a judge to consider your petition for expunction. If the judge agrees, the order will be signed and the record will be destroyed. This means no one will be able to view it.
  • With expunction, in many cases, you can even deny you were ever charged with the crime in the first place. Even when testifying under oath, you can simply say your record was expunged, and no more questions will be asked about that charge.
  • Nondisclosure orders may sound intimidating, but they’re really just orders from the judge not to disclose (share) your records. That means your records are “sealed” and can’t be shared with the general public. Most employers will also not be able to view your record.
  • With nondisclosure orders, many Austin government agencies and law enforcement officials will still be able to see the charge.

Who Qualifies for Sealing an Austin DWI Record?

For DWI expunctions and nondisclosure orders in Texas, you must meet certain criteria. Your Austin criminal attorney can discuss these qualifications with you in more detail.

The following criteria may qualify you for a DWI expunction in Austin:

  • You were arrested for DWI but never charged.
  • You completed some kind of pretrial diversion program.
  • Your DWI case was dismissed.
  • You were acquitted (found not guilty).
  • Someone else was arrested for DWI using your name.
  • You were convicted of the DWI but later pardoned.

To qualify for a DWI nondisclosure order, you may need to meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • You were never convicted or completed deferred adjudication.
  • You paid all costs, fines, and restitution imposed on you.
  • You exhausted the required waiting period following your offense.
  • Certain types of DWI convictions do not qualify.

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If your DWI charge has been blacklisting you and you’re tired of it, call an Austin DWI record sealing lawyer at Tillman Braniff, PLLC. We are experienced criminal defense attorneys, and we can help you seal your record. We can also help you fight a DWI conviction. Call us today at 512-236-0505 or fill out the form below.


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