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Look Out for the Great Texas Warrant Roundup 2015!

Posted by Brian K. Tillman on February 24, 2015

The Great Texas Warrant Roundup 2015

The good news is that you can leave the house for a few days and see some new things. The bad news is that you better do it somewhere in another state, because law enforcement agecies across Texas are combining their efforts once again for the Great Texas Warrant Roundup! On March 7, 2015, over 300 agencies will once again combine forces to crack down on unpaid tickets, failures to appear, and other offenses.

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It's Official- No Refusal for Austin Mardi Gras 2012

Posted by Brian Tillman on February 17, 2012

I KNEW it!!  Here they come again with their shiny needles, the better to stick you with!  Well, I can't say it's any surprise.  I mean, APD does so many no refusal weekends (or blood warrants, as others say) that it's like keeping up with your relatives' birthdays.  Let's see, New Year's, Super Bowl weekend, so now Mardi Gras.  Interesting that Valentine's Day is still sacred, I suppose they don't expect a lot of people driving around drunk.  So drink up, lonely people, you own Valentine's!

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2012 Great Texas Warrant Roundup is coming to your town!

Posted by Brian Tillman on February 09, 2012

Well just as regular as the rodeo in this state, and on February 25, 2012, it's time again for the coordinated Texas Warrant Roundup!  For those of you who take care of all your business, good for you- the rest of you should really look up the info on your traffic tickets.  And clear up that old bond forfeiture and check for county warrants too.  Get squared up with your child support payments, or your driver license surcharges. Because the roundup is coming for you.  I foresee a lot of scurrying, and a lot of laying low.  Just remember that those guys sometimes come EARLY in the morning before last night has fully worn off!  And whatever you do, don't be drawing any any attention to yourself out in public!

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Physically forced blood draw DWI finally makes its appearance

Posted by Brian Tillman on September 19, 2011

Fortunately it DIDN'T happen in Austin, at least not yet.  This only slightly stale news story comes to us from Wyoming, a shade more conservative than Austin by most accounts.  I apologize in advance for not disclosing in the title that this incident did not actually occur in Texas, but it's a hot enough issue so it's bound to come up. 

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Travis County Warrants? How to Clear Them.

Posted by Brian Tillman on November 15, 2010

Travis County Warrants, Arrest WarrantTravis County Warrants are like that alley cat you used to feed at your college apartment.  They just never really go away.  Sometimes it's a hot check you wrote by accident, or a ticket you never paid off.  Just as often it's failure to pay surcharges for some ticket or small offense that you may never have known about because your address has changed.  Even if you don't think you have a Travis County warrant, it never hurts to check just to be sure. 

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How do I get someone released from jail in Austin, TX?

Posted by Brian Tillman on August 03, 2010

Many people never expect to have any dealings with the police.  In reality, there are a host of charges that can result in someone being taken to jail by surprise.  It is actually quite easy to get arrested, and not always because you meant to break the law.  Sometimes it's a check you wrote five years ago that bounced, but you moved and never received the notice to pay, and now it's an arrest warrant.  Sometimes it's driving after your license has expired and you don't realize it.  Either way, it's good to understand the process so you can try to get a jail release as quickly as possible.

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So I stopped going to court for my old case...

Posted by Brian Tillman on July 26, 2010

This is a phone call we get all the time, from people all over the state.  It usually begins with "I moved away and just stopped going to court" or "I assumed it was all taken care of."  As time goes by, folks often get new jobs and want to clean up their past messes. 

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