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The Smell of Weed is Probable Cause- and why that's a problem

Posted by Brian Tillman on February 05, 2013

Chesapeake (VA) police officer, Barrett Ring, claims that he can come up behind cars, open his vent and smell burnt marijuana coming from the car in front of him.

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Top 10 Non-Obvious Ways to Get Arrested

Posted by Brian Tillman on February 28, 2011

If you’ve had a few drinks or have some weed in the car, here are
some careless things to avoid.  It could save you a trip to jail. 

1. Speeding- Nothing is more likely to get you pulled over than speeding. These Austin criminal defense lawyers can’t overstate how many DWI and Possession of Marijuana cases start with a traffic stop for driving too fast. Once the officer is at your car window, the smell of alcohol or marijuana combined with your appearance make you an easy target for arrest. Always, ALWAYS watch your speed.

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Is Marijuana Gaining Acceptance in Mainstream America?

Posted by Brian Tillman on February 24, 2011

 Marijuana- what the "survey says" may surprise you...

Well, if the Family Feud represents mainstream America, then this video may make you raise your eyebrows.  And laugh!  Of course, it can all be interpreted humorously, after all it is a game show.  (Note to viewers- I didn't actually know the show was still on the air, and Richard Dawson is long gone.  You gotta think his reaction to the scene would have been quite different though!)  I don't want to spoil it for you, enjoy courtesy of your Austin criminal defense lawyers!  Did we mention we're on the NORML Legal Committee?

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Can I Be DWI in Texas on Marijuana?

Posted by Brian Tillman on February 21, 2011

Is there a Marijuana DWI in Texas?

dwi, marijuana, driving stoned, driving high

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What's up with this Marijuana ticket I got in Austin?

Posted by Brian Tillman on August 10, 2010

If you were caught carrying weed in Austin within the last year or two, you may have noticed that you got to walk away with a citation instead of going directly to jail.  The recent trend of not booking everyone who commits a minor crime in Travis County seems to have caught on, with groups of folks showing up as directed to JP5, and then later to the booking desk, personal bonds in hand.  These folks are going home after a minor, pre-planned appointment with the laws.  I am republishing a post made back during the time this was still a fresh issue, because there seems to be a lot of curiosity about the process.  Incidentally, in Vermont, where I used to practice, almost every suspect was cited to come to court at a later time, even on many felonies.  They would then be arraigned and given their conditions of release, or occasionally incarcerated.  In any case, very efficient use of limited police personnel who can stay on the street protecting the public.  I'd be interested to know anyone's feelings about this- do we really need to take everyone to jail, for every ol' thing??  Apologies in advance for rehashing an old topic. 

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