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Austin Theft Crime Lawyers

Theft involves the unlawful taking of something from another, whether an individual or business. Theft crime in Austin can be as simple as writing a hot check, credit card abuse, theft of services, or shoplifting.  Theft also includes unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, theft of cable or satellite services, theft of trade secrets, or tampering with serial numbers. You should keep in mind that even if you have a series of small thefts, the amounts of each may be added together to enhance a misdemeanor theft to felony theft. 

Charges of this nature should ALWAYS be handled by an experienced Austin theft crime lawyer. Theft crimes belong to an ugly group of charges called "crimes of moral turpitude." Moral turpitude crimes mark you forever as a liar, thief, cheat, or pervert. You can imagine how that kind of baggage may affect your ability to find a job in today's economy.  The Austin Theft Crime Lawyers at Tillman Braniff fight to have theft charges dismissed, and when possible, in a way that allows for Expunction or Sealing later on. 

Theft Crimes in Austin are nothing to take lightly, call Rhett Braniff or Brian Tillman at (512) 236 0505 to see how we can help.  We offer free consultations and are happy to answer questions to get you on the right track and preserve your record.