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Austin Jail Release

For a large segment of society, the thought of actually being arrested and taken to jail is something they have never really considered. There are also many people who will go their entire lives without being arrested, but know a friend or family member who has gone to jail, at least temporarily. I am no exception. When someone in or near Austin is arrested, he or she is taken to the Travis County Jail, which is run by the Travis County Sheriff's Office. The sheriff's deputies are in charge of booking/printing/photographing those who are arrested, and ultimately getting them in front of a magistrate who will set a bond. Once the bond is set, you can begin the process of an Austin jail release.

FIRST, see if your arrested person has been booked into the Travis County Jail. The arrest and booking process can take hours, but you can check the Travis County Jail Inmate Finder here for updates:

Travis County Jail Inmate Finder

This page will provide you with important information (please write it down): the person's booking number, the charge (either felony or misdemeanor), the cause number of the criminal case, and the person's bond amount. If you find them through that search, you know they are in the Austin jail, under the control of the Travis County Sheriff's Office. If not, they may either still be waiting to be booked in to the system (again, it may take a while) or they may have been arrested by another county's officers or police, like Williamson County. An Austin criminal attorney can help you find an arrested person when it is unclear where they are in jail.

THE SECOND STEP for an Austin jail release is to contact an Austin criminal attorney who can try to arrange for personal bond or cash-deposit bond. In Austin, criminal attorneys are permitted to do jail releases similar to bail bondsmen, and they can also negotiate terms of release with a magistrate or judge. What's more, while a bail bondsman cannot act until after a bond is set (i.e., until you see a magistrate), an Austin criminal attorney can start an Austin jail release immediately by approaching the judge and waiving the magistration process, essentially moving the bond to the front of the line. Using a criminal attorney for an Austin jail release is often the fastest way to secure a friend or loved one's freedom.

(If the arrest was not in Travis County, contact the sheriff's office in the county where the person was arrested to get jail release information. Then call our office to see if we can assist you in getting the person released ourselves or with a local bail bond agency. )

Bail bondsmen generally charge a fee of around 10% of the bond amount, which is only to secure jail release. Once out of jail, the arrested person must still hire an Austin criminal attorney for the charge.  In many other counties, such as Williamson County, Hays County and Bastrop County, bail bondsmen are the only ones authorized to arrange for jail release. If your friend or loved one was arrested in Williamson, Hays, Bastrop, Caldwell, Blanco, Burnet, or some other county, we may still be able to assist you in finding bondsmen to get your person out of jail.

Important - If the arrest was very recent, the Travis County Jail website may not have information posted yet. Contacting our Austin Jail Release Lawyers can significantly speed up the jail release process, and get your friend or relative released from jail as quickly as possible.  Call us 24 hours a day, any day, to see how we can help, at 512 236 0505.