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Austin Family Violence Lawyers

In Texas, assault cases involving spouses or other family members are called "family violence" cases. The term can be misleading, in that the victim does not even need to be a family member at all. In fact, if you assault an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend (or ex-spouse), or anyone you live with or even used to live with, you can face these types of charges. The significance of these cases is what is referred to as the "Family Violence Finding" or "FVF" which you can be saddled with even if you aren't convicted. A first family violence offense is a misdemeanor, but a court's family violence finding means that any future family violence case will be enhanced to a felony. Having a family violence finding on your record also triggers a federal law that prohibits the purchase, possession, or use of a firearm. If you are charged with assaulting your spouse, significant other, or a family member, you should absolutely seek the services of an Austin family violence lawyer.

These cases are often sensitive and emotionally charged, and there are often children involved. If you have been arrested for family violence, or have a family member needing representation or jail release, please contact us now. Our Austin family violence lawyers routinely handle all level of assault cases, and are here to provide answers. Call us at 512 236 0505 to see how we can help.