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Austin Criminal Lawyer

So what exactly is our philosophy of what an Austin criminal lawyer should be? It’s not an easy question to answer, but we do have some strong ideas about representation and interaction with clients. As an example, we prefer to interact with them. Understanding the client, their personalities, and motivations are essential to be able to convey the story from the accused’s point of view. You may be as involved or as disconnected from the case as you choose, but at a minimum we should know what makes you tick.

Austin Criminal Attorneys 1An Austin criminal lawyer should keep the client up to date on the case, explaining the law as it applies to the case facts, possible defenses, the status of any negotiations, and the best options for resolution. We also feel it essential to be ready and willing to try any case if the client desires. Ultimately we want to try to be as transparent as possible, providing you with all the relevant information to make good decisions, and providing counsel based on our experience as a criminal lawyer.

Most importantly, an Austin criminal lawyer should simply care. Our goal is always to try to put people back in the position they were in before getting into legal trouble. Whenever possible, we try to resolve cases in a way that makes expunction of the record possible. We are especially sensitive to the needs of clients with special circumstances (e.g. professional licenses, security clearances, active duty military) and strive to maintain their status.

By and large, our clients are regular people who don’t consider themselves criminals, nor should they. By accident, or poor judgment, or intoxication, good people can find themselves in criminal trouble. We want to guide them through the process as smoothly as possible and try to get them back on track. That’s a simple way to look at it, but this could get really long. Read the blog for more insight into what we’re about, or just give us a call, conversation is free!

What to Expect on Your First Appointment With an Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer

We understand how overwhelming the process of being arrested can be, and the thought of going to jail causes angst regardless of who you are. As an Austin criminal lawyer, we are here to make everything easier, and that begins from the moment you call to schedule a consultation. When you visit our office, just be yourself. We will ask you many questions to gain a better understanding of who you are, what your concerns and goals are, and then all about your case. We may ask things like:

  • Where were you when the crime took place?
  • Do you know everyone who was involved?
  • What exactly happened?
  • What role (if any) did you play?
  • Were there any witnesses who can confirm your version of the events?
  • Was anyone recording the events?
  • Do you know if there is any evidence that could prove your innocence or that you had a reduced level of involvement?
  • What happened during your actual arrest?
  • Were you read your Miranda rights?
  • How were you treated after your arrest, and were you questioned?

These are only a few of the things we will ask you, so relax and answer as best you can. If you cannot remember something completely, that is fine — just let us know. Your answers to our questions will set the foundation for our investigation, so it is important to provide as much detail as you can and to avoid answering something that you are really unsure about.

What You Say to Your Austin Criminal Lawyer Is Confidential

Whether you retain our services or not, anything you say is strictly confidential. That means you can convey all of the details, even the ones you would never want anyone else to know about. Our goal is to build a strong defense so you can avoid a conviction and jail whenever possible. These details can help us to do so, and since you do not need to worry about confidentiality, there is no need to hold back. To be honest, the last thing you want is for your lawyer to be surprised by something you never told him. However, there are a few important things that you should know. In order for what you say to be confidential, we cannot have other people in the room. Even your best friend could create a challenge because the prosecutor could call them to the stand to testify. This makes it important to have conversations with your attorney in private.

Time Is of the Essence

While time is most always your friend in criminal cases, this is not so at the initiation of a case. As a criminal defense lawyer, we will take charge early on and shield you from investigators or officers seeking information. Once you have counsel, law enforcement is no longer allowed to contact you, and they must go through us instead. Immediate action is advised, and once we are retained you can begin to relax and sort things out. Inevitably, gathering case information such a police reports, photos, and witness statements takes time.  Nothing is as instantaneous as it appears on television. It can take several weeks, and the sooner we are signed on, the better prepared we will be to represent you in court.

You Are in Control

When you hire a criminal attorney, you are still fully in control of important aspects of your case. When you are paying for an attorney yourself, you retain the ability to fire and rehire an attorney of your choice at any time. In addition, you have the absolute right to make certain decisions in your case. First, you and you alone get to decide whether or not to accept any plea bargain offers proposed by the prosecutor. We will counsel you on your options as well as our opinion of potential outcomes, but you will ultimately decide. As well, you alone will decide whether to exercise your right to a trial. Finally, if you decide to proceed to trial, you also possess the right to decide if you will testify or not. These are important individual decisions, and we are here to help counsel you with regard to each and every one.


Hiring an Austin Criminal Lawyer is Incredibly Convenient

We can help protect your rights and ensure that you are treated fairly, help secure your bail, and that you have the best opportunity for a successful outcome to your case. To get started, call our office and schedule a consultation to have your questions answered. Contact Tillman Braniff at (512) 236-0505 or contact us HERE. We look forward to assisting you.