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Austin Cocaine Possession Lawyers

Possession of any amount of cocaine or crack, even less than a gram, is a felony. Cocaine charges, or "Possession of a Controlled Substance" (POCS) can permanently change your life. Having a felony drug charge on your record can affect your ability to get a job, a place to live, financial aid, or even get a mortgage.  Cocaine is classified as a Schedule II drug, which means it has some medicinal value (requiring a prescription), but also a high potential for abuse.  Cocaine charges begin as a State Jail Felony for possession of any amount, and then increase depending on how much cocaine, and what the accused was going to do with it.  Possession with intent to deliver, manufacturing, selling, or delivery of cocaine results in harsher penalty classifications.

If you were arrested for POCS, getting an Austin cocaine possession lawyer involved as early as possible should be the highest priority. The attorneys at Tillman Braniff have significant trial experience in drug cases, but the best results often come from early intervention. Our Austin cocaine possession lawyers maintain contact with the District Attorney's office to begin telling your story as early as possible, working to find resolutions that protect your legal rights and preserving evidence that may have a drastic effect on the case outcome. We explore all options, depending on the circumstances of each case, with the goal of restoring the client to the status he had prior to getting charged.  Whenever possible, we strive to get a result that will allow for expunction or non-disclosure of any records of the incident. 

Cocaine possession cases for personal amounts often involve assessments, treatment, and counseling. Those charged with possession of large amounts indicating sale or distribution can expect fewer positive options from the court system, including lengthy probation, jail or prison time. The Austin cocaine possession lawyers at Tillman Braniff, make it a priority to discuss all options with clients, including treatment options, and strive to get the client a result as close to the position they were in prior to being arrested.