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In today's society, your background probably has a greater impact than you ever imagined. Criminal background checks are routinely run by employers, licensing agencies, the police, and even apartment management. A minor brush with the law could be the difference between getting the job, career, or lease you want or not. If you have any criminal history, the Austin expunction lawyers at Tillman Braniff are here to help.

Many people are confused about what actually shows on their record, particularly if they completed Deferred Adjudication, or even received a dismissal. We urge you to speak with one of our Austin expunction lawyers, free of charge, to better understand your current status and how to move forward with clearing your record.


In Texas, any conviction you receive is permanent. Dismissals or deferred situations that don't entail supervised probation allow for full Expunction of the incident, including the record of the arrest itself. Expunction requires every agency having any piece of information about the incident to destroy them completely. Even further, Expunction requires any private companies who obtain information about offenses to destroy their records as well. After expunction, you may deny that the incident ever happened.


Conversely, Deferred Adjudication is a supervised probation, and therefore does not qualify for expunction. In that situation, an individual can file a Petition for Non-Disclosure, commonly referred to as "sealing" the record. As the name implies, Non-Disclosure is not full erasure of records, but will prevent the general public from accessing them. By law, certain agencies can still access the records, primarily professional licensing boards. If you or a loved one have an old case and would like to see if it can be sealed or erased, please call our Austin expunction lawyers to see if we can help you.  You might even be able to get that job or apartment next time around.